Seasonal Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean in Phoenix, AZ

We know the importance of keeping your pool clean, so here’s 5 seasonal pool maintenance tips to keep your pool clean in Phoenix, AZ!

  1. Consistent Skimming and Brushing: Due to the desert environment, Phoenix pools are prone to accumulating debris like dust, leaves, and insects. Regular skimming and brushing of the pool walls and floor help prevent buildup and maintain water clarity. Aim to skim the surface daily and brush walls and floors weekly to keep your pool clean and inviting.
  2. Optimize Filtration and Circulation: High temperatures in Phoenix can accelerate algae growth and bacterial activity in pool water. Ensure that your pool’s filtration system is running efficiently and circulating the water effectively. Clean or backwash the filter regularly, especially during the warmer months, to prevent clogs and maintain proper water circulation.
  3. Monitor and Maintain Water Chemistry: The intense Arizona sun can cause pool water to evaporate quickly, leading to fluctuations in water chemistry. Regularly test the water chemistry and adjust pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels as needed to prevent algae growth and maintain balanced water. Consider using stabilizers to help protect chlorine levels from being depleted by the sun’s UV rays.
  4. Cover Your Pool When Not in Use: To minimize water loss through evaporation and reduce the amount of debris entering the pool, invest in a high-quality pool cover. Covering your pool when it’s not in use can also help retain heat during cooler evenings, reducing the need for excessive heating and evaporation.
  5. Schedule Professional Maintenance Checks: While regular maintenance tasks can keep your pool clean and functional, it’s also essential to schedule professional inspections and servicing, especially before the onset of summer when pool usage typically increases. A professional pool technician can identify and address potential issues early, ensuring your pool stays clean, safe, and ready for enjoyment throughout the year.

Let us know how we can work with you to enjoy your pool and make the most of your backyard. You can call us now at (602) 391-9659 or schedule local pool cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ.

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