Swimming Pool Installers

Swimming Pool Installers

Swimming Pool Installers in Phoenix, AZ

Dolphin Pools, an established swimming pool installer, dealer and builder in the Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. We hope you find the information of interest in helping choose the right swimming pool for your enjoyment. Over the past decade Dolphin Pools has established itself as a quality swimming pool installer.

Indoor Pools and Pool Buildings

The main difference between indoor and outdoor swimming pools is the air management system, which is key to any indoor pool to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable and protect the topography of the building. Adding a swimming pool to your property will take around 6 weeks for an outside pool, going up to 6 months for a complete pool project.

Indoor Exercise and Hydrotherapy Pools

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise available, both for fat burning and overall fitness. If you are limited on space you may wish to install a smaller exercise or hydrotherapy pool and add a counter current unit to it. The counter current allows you to swim on the spot against a jet of water.

You can alter the direction and force of the water jet to suit your swimming strength. Counter current units can be installed into any size pool for that matter either during the initial installation or they can be added later as an over the side unit. We have a complete range of countercurrent units designed especially for this purpose.

Pool Buildings and Enclosures

Retractable pool buildings or enclosures are the solution to the weather in the unpredictable Arizona weather. They allow you to swim in the open air when the weather allows, but then when it is not you can still use your swimming pool by closing the glass sections to create your indoor pool again.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

To give you peace of mind, the cover acts as a “horizontal fence” for your pool preventing access by children, pets and wildlife. One cover for all seasons….. Winter and Summer. Saves energy and adds heat.Acting as a giant solar collector the cover dramatically reduces heating costs and extends your swimming season.

Saves water and chemicals By reducing evaporation the cover cuts water loss and reduces the use of chemicals Saves cleaning. Keep dirt, leaves and debris out by simply keeping the pool covered. Full key switch security. Covers both outdoor and indoor pools Controls humidity in indoor pools by totally sealing the pool.

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